Collection: TOM & BOY

TOM & BOY is a new genderless fashion brand for children, based in Spain and far beyond the simple notion of a girl wearing boy's clothing. This attitude is identified by an inherent sense of rebelliousness, confidence and adventure.

This AW23 collection by TOM & BOY - Afternoon Sports Tea Club - is inspired by my very own daughter, and youngest member of the Cissy Wears Team, Nico; an incredible soccer player who is only 6 years old. She is a little peach blonde with blue eyes who loves drawing, trains, and playing football with her teammates. But also by that kid who loves dancing, playing chess, or basketball. In the TOM & BOY team, all children are everything they need to be. Whether it's playing football or having afternoon tea.

As for the style of this collection, TOM & BOY took inspiration from the character of Alice, a 70's tomboy from try Wim Wenders movie "Alice In The Cities". But also British sports uniforms of course.

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