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TOM & BOY is a new genderless fashion brand for children, based in Spain and far beyond the simple notion of a girl wearing boy's clothing. This attitude is identified by an inherent sense of rebelliousness, confidence and adventure. We're proud to have their SS23 collection Artists and their Cats on the shelves at Cissy Wears.

In a stage of formation of the personality, especially susceptible to external influences, we consider it a responsibility to educate and cultivate the passion of discover one self without neglecting the aesthetic aspect, showing our true selves through original designs.

The brand relies on the expertise in the material and processing selection, having all the items produced in Portugal. Every piece of the collection is made of the highest quality deadstock fabrics (surplus fabrics that were not sold by the textile mills and left in storage) and sustainable materials sourced from Portugal, working towards the aim that this is a brand that gives back by supporting charitable social and environmental causes.

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