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Nephthys Illustrated Espresso Martini A4 Print

Nephthys Illustrated Espresso Martini A4 Print

Nephthys Illustrated

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For the espresso martini lovers!!!

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Nephthys Foster is an illustrator & designer based in South West London. Her work focuses on creating minimalist but bold prints that celebrate the small things in life. The artwork's affirming messages are topical and humorous, and will certainly strike a chord with many.

Nephthys’s journey as an illustrator started in modest beginnings when she discovered her passion for digital drawing on her iPhone in 2020. She began to create mixed media images by layering her drawings on top of her existing photos using the stories feature on Instagram. This then inspired her to purchase an ipad where she began creating custom commissions of wedding venues and digital portraits for her close friends and family.

When Nephthys moved into her new home at the beginning of 2022 she struggled to find the right prints to suit the spaces so instead she began to create her own designs to fill her home. After a few positive comments and sales to close friends she began selling her designs online.

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