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Le Bon Shoppe Noir Boyfriend Socks

Le Bon Shoppe Noir Boyfriend Socks

Le Bon Shoppe

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The Boyfriend Sock stands out as one of Le Bon Shoppe's signature styles and maintains its status as a perennial bestseller throughout the year. It effortlessly combines functionality and fashion, adding a sporty vintage charm to any outfit. Slightly longer than a classic crew, it features a distinctive double stripe for added flair. Durable and comfortable, this sock elevates the appeal of any ensemble. A favorite pairing includes well-worn denim and Converse Chuck Taylors. We're more than just a little obsessed with them, and here at Cissy Wears you'll spot them adorning happy feet almost every day of the year. While we don't like to play favourites, we must admit that this sock holds a special place in our hearts – but shhh, don't let that secret out!

Our adoration for Le Bon Shoppe socks stems from a shared appreciation for the significance of high-quality socks in our daily lives! We assure you that Le Bon Shoppe is destined to become your favorite accessories brand, prompting you to dedicate an entire drawer to a rotation of their superb socks.

The name "Le Bon Shoppe" translates to 'The Good Shop,' and fittingly so, as it aspires to be a comprehensive destination for excellent products. These products not only enhance your appearance but also contribute to a positive, feel-good experience.

Colour: Black

Dimensions: Due to socks' personal nature and to keep the highest standard of cleanliness, we do not accept returns or exchanges on socks. It is very important to us that each customer always receives a pair of brand new socks!

Care: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. Do not iron. Do not bleach

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