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Le Bon Shoppe Scarlet Girlfriend Socks

Le Bon Shoppe Scarlet Girlfriend Socks

Le Bon Shoppe

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You adored Le Bon Shoppe's Boyfriend Socks to the extent that they felt they deserved a companion. Introducing the Girlfriend Socks – a stylish crew version inspired by the beloved and classic Boyfriend Socks. With a distinctive triple-contrast stripe at the top and a shorter length reminiscent of the classic crew sock, these beauties are a universally essential addition. Particularly flattering for petite ladies, the Girlfriend Socks exude charm and versatility.

You can trust that Le Bon Shoppe is ready to establish itself as your go-to accessories brand, inspiring you to set aside an entire drawer exclusively for their exceptional sock collection.

Named "Le Bon Shoppe," translating to 'The Good Shop,' it aims to be your ultimate source for standout products that not only elevate your style but also uplift your mood.

Colour: Red

Dimensions: Due to socks' personal nature and to keep the highest standard of cleanliness, we do not accept returns or exchanges on socks. It is very important to us that each customer always receives a pair of brand new socks!

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