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Le Bon Shoppe Bone Everyday Long Sleeve Tee

Le Bon Shoppe Bone Everyday Long Sleeve Tee

Le Bon Shoppe

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Say hello to Le Bon Shoppe's new Everyday Long Sleeve Tee – the cozy companion your wardrobe's been waiting for! Made from super-soft 100% cotton premium jersey, this tee is all about comfort without compromising on style.

Slide into a laid-back vibe with its relaxed fit that stays true to your size, making it the perfect pick for your everyday adventures. Whether you're tackling a busy day or kicking back, this tee's got your back, offering a cool mix of style and chill.

But what sets it apart? Those slightly distressed deets on the neckline and hem. They're like a subtle nod to that well-loved, lived-in feel.

So, grab Le Bon Shoppe's new Everyday Long Sleeve Tee, and make it the MVP of your wardrobe. It's not just about looking good; it's about feeling awesome every day. This tee brings a whole new level of laid-back cool to your style game. Trust us; you're gonna love it!

Made in Los Angeles, USA

Colour: Off White


Care: Care Instructions: Due to the nature of pigment dye, loose pigments may remain on the surface of the garments. - Do not spot clean - Washing these garments only with like colors and in cold water - Hang Dry

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