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Retro Bath Pearls

Retro Bath Pearls

Bare Boutique

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Transform your bath time into a luxurious experience with our Retro Bath Pearls. This delightful collection includes 30 mixed shape and scent bath pearls, each infused with aromatic essential oils and skin-nourishing ingredients. As they dissolve in warm water, these bath pearls release a soothing fragrance and create a silky, rejuvenating soak.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic bath products of the 90s, our Retro Bath Pearls are a nostalgic nod to the classic favourites once cherished. Remember the days of browsing through The Body Shop? Now, you can relive those moments and share the little joys with your own family.

Our pack includes a variety of up to 15 different shapes – but ultimately, it is luck of the draw. Discover animals, stars, hearts, and classic pearls in various enticing scents, making each bath a delightful surprise. 

Colour: various

Care: Not recommended for children under 3 years of age. Please do not eat!

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