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Hvid Lilac Merino Wool Booties

Hvid Lilac Merino Wool Booties


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Baby boots made from the softest merino wool that will stay on your baby's feet with the easy to tie laces. Merino wool is well known for being super soft and is especially kind to those with skin that might find other materials less gentle

Age: 0-9 months. Original size can be worn untill 12 months. 

Dimensions: 9.5 cm length. Made in Belgium. Material: 100% merino wool.

Washing instructions: machine: ONLY COLD WOOL WASH, low speed, no tumble dry OR cold wash by hand.

Please note: Merino wool has a natural light pilling. Because of the moving of the feet of the baby, more pilling can occur than normal.

Colour: Blue

Material: Merino wool

Dimensions: 9.5cm

Care: Handwash or wash on COLD wool programme at low speed

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