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Bobo Choses Happy Mask Cardigan

Bobo Choses Happy Mask Cardigan

Bobo Choses

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For those that don't know Bobo Choses we think this embodies everything they create so very well. A 100% organic, simple cardigan but with all the details that make it unmistakably Bobo. 
The cotton is a fine knit and with ribbed cuffs to the sleeve and at the waist, a ribbed crewneck sets off the design. What we think really sets it off though is the gorgeous embroidery featuring happy mask, a burst of colour on the torso and BC initials on the sleeve. 

For SS24 Bobo Choses' presents us with their tribute, if you like a nod in the direction of the traditions that bring together children and adults. A celebration of folklore, culture and life.

In their unmistakable way Bobo introduces us to a new cast of characters filling our canvas of play.
Most of the production for Bobo Choses is done locally within 10 kilometres of their headquarters between Spain and Portugal. Sustainable cottons are used in half the collection and they are increasing their presence of recycled fibres.
For the SS24 collection Bobo Choses are also introducing, on some garments CIRCULOSE®, the most innovative material of the season, crafted by Renewcell. CIRCULOSE® is made from 100% recycled textiles and is used as the feedstock for viscose, closing the loop on textile waste.

Colour: Blue

Material: 100% cotton

Dimensions: Available in 2-3 years, 4-5 years, 6-7 years and 8-9 years

Care: Wash cold - gentle. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not tumble dry.

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