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Cink is the first brand on the market to present kids dinnerware in this amazing bio-composite . Ever since the start, Cink has been focusing on bringing environmental products for family’s that cares about our kids future.

Our dinnerware is produced in a family owned factory based in a small Swedish village. The dinnerware is made from Swedish wood fibers coming on average 65 km from the mill in a radius, in other words- very locally made! The wood is FSC®1 or PEFC-certified, which signifies they have been produced using wood from responsibly managed sources, and that the entire journey of the raw material from the forest to the store shelf has been verified by a third party. We use either thinning wood that is too small dimensions for the sawmills, or the outer parts of the tree that can’t become boards in the sawmills. This is wood that would have been burnt up if not used for this purpose. As polymeric materials we use a bio-based PP (polypropylene). A food-safe material that is used in most plastic dinnerware today.
The material is recyclable, durable, and can be washed in the dishwasher.

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