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P Denim Charcoal Kids Wide Leg Jeans

P Denim Charcoal Kids Wide Leg Jeans

P Denim

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Simple stylish jeans is everything that P Denim stands for and these kids jeans with elasticated waist are a great stand out piece for when it's time to bring some denim style to the day.

P Denim is all about denim and sustainability. All P Denim clothing is designed to be comfortable and made to last. They styles are purposefully simple and hard wearing, a life time repair guarantee is their way of showing you the confidence they have in each product that bears the P Denim name.

All the denim is consciously sourced, woven in Italy by Canadian Denim using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Although originally made entirely in house P Denim has now expanded to a small family run factory in London, UK and pride themselves on constantly improving the products, their efficiency and reducing waste.

In a world where sustainability should always be the goal P Denim is a brand that stands out as really leading the way.

Material: 100% GOTS organic cotton

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