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Miffy Lamp XL

Miffy Lamp XL

Mr Maria

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This is our iconic 80 cm Miffy lamp. The impressive size and unique design make this item a true statement piece. A show piece in the kidsroom and a presence in plenty of childhood memories. The Miffy XL lamp is an item to be cherished by a growing family.

This Mr Maria light design comes with a User Kit containing an adapter + power cable with touch dimmer button. There are 6 brightness settings including a nightmode option.

The Miffy XL lamp was shaped after the original illustrations of Dick Bruna, known for illustrating with the power of simplicity. His use of primary colours and classic shapes to create his characteristic have been proven to be timeless and universal. After 65 years, Miffy is still loved by people around the world. 
Please note that due to the size and weight of this item additional charges will apply when sending outside of the UK. You will be emailed a quote and invoiced separately should you choose to go ahead.

Material: Polyethylene

Dimensions: 80cm

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