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PROXY • A • Fig • Smoked Oolong

PROXY • A • Fig • Smoked Oolong


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A new form of wine alternative—not dealcoholized wine, but layered blends of fruit, teas, spices, and bitters, designed to pair with food and be enjoyed in your finest stemware. Proxies are for when you want something to drink but you're not drinking. By blending wine grapes, fruits, teas, spices, and complex ferments, Proxies go way beyond the grape to capture everything that makes wine a great pairing with food—acidity, body, and tannin—without the alcohol.

An Oolong fig leaf proxy combines a blend of applewood-smoked oolong and distilled fig leaf flavoring, which work together to create a smooth and buttery taste with a savory finish. In this ferment, the flavor of fig leaf takes center stage. We obtained the leaves of the fig tree from the nursery of a friend in the Cinque Terre region. Through the process of vacuum distillation, we are able to extract subtle nuances of coconut, fig and musk from the fig leaves, giving PROXY A blend of fruity notes. Refreshing Sencha green tea rounds out our oolong fig leaf proxy with its clean clean green fruit flavors.

Material: Fermented infusion (water, sugar, green tea (sencha, oolong tea, smoke), yeast and bacterial cultures), natural fig leaf flavors, sea salt

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