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Meduse Crimson Jelly Shoe

Meduse Crimson Jelly Shoe


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It can't be more french than this. Meduse sandals are associated with summer's best memories : carefree summers when everything is allowed (more or less), summers of first loves, summers Made in France.

Meduse jelly shoes for kids offer vibrant, playful footwear that’s perfect for any adventure. Made with eco-friendly PVC, these durable and recyclable shoes combine sustainability with comfort and style, making them a responsible choice for environmentally conscious families. 

Meduse put a big emphasis on the choice of their raw material, to safety and traceability throughout the production process. Their plastics are Made In France, 100% recyclable, phtalate-free etc and follow the most stringent chemical safety norms. They are also a founding member of INNOSHOE and we co-created the first charter for shoe chemical safety for the benefit of their clients.

Prices vary by size.

Colour: red

Material: 100% recyclable, phtalate-free pvc

Dimensions: See size conversion chart

Care: Rinse under water to keep clean

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