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Liewood Vesa Chalk 9 Set

Liewood Vesa Chalk 9 Set


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Let your child dive into a world of colour and creativity with the Liewood Vesa Chalk Set. This delightful set includes nine pieces of chalk, each crafted in fun and sensory animal shapes, designed to inspire artistic adventure and endless playtime possibilities.

The Vesa Chalk Set features a vibrant array of nine different colors, providing a rainbow of options for your child's creative expressions. Whether drawing on pavements or blackboards, these chalk pieces are perfect for bringing imaginative scenes to life. The unique animal shapes add an extra layer of fun, making each drawing session an exciting exploration of shapes and hues.

Presented in a high-quality cardboard box, the Vesa Chalk Set is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. The sturdy packaging ensures the chalk pieces remain intact and ready for use, while also making it easy to store and transport. Ideal for playdates, school activities, or just a fun day in the backyard, this set is designed to provide hours of artistic enjoyment.

Safety and quality are paramount with the Liewood Vesa Chalk Set. Each piece is CE-marked and CA-marked, meeting stringent safety standards to ensure worry-free play. Made from non-toxic materials, the chalk is safe for children to use, giving parents peace of mind.

Encourage your child's creativity and fine motor skills with the Liewood Vesa Chalk Set – where colourful drawings and imaginative play come together in the most delightful way.

Colour: multi

Material: chalk

Dimensions: Croc: Height (cm) 3. Croc: Width (cm) 10. Whale: Height (cm) 4. Whale: Width (cm) 5,5. Rabbit: Height (cm) 4. Rabbit: Width (cm) 6. Elephant: Height (cm) 5. Elephant: Width (cm) 5,5. Turtle: Height (cm) 4. Turtle: Width (cm) 6. Giraffe: Height (cm) 8

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