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Le Bon Shoppe Naturel Naturelle Tee

Le Bon Shoppe Naturel Naturelle Tee

Le Bon Shoppe

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Introducing the Le Bon Shoppe Naturelle Tee - a dreamy creation born from our quest for simplicity intertwined with a touch of femininity. Crafted meticulously from 100% heavyweight cotton fabric, this essential long sleeve tee embodies a perfect balance of raw texture, softness, and breathability.

The Naturelle Tee boasts an elastic ruched sleeve opening that effortlessly lends a subtle balloon sleeve effect when worn down, and scrunches up beautifully for added flair. Each piece is garment dyed and pre-washed, resulting in a rich textured look that exudes timeless elegance.

With its dropped shoulder dolman design and relaxed fit, the Naturelle Tee offers unparalleled comfort and versatility. Embrace its unique character as the dying and washing process bestows each garment with its distinct charm, ensuring no two pieces are alike.

At Cissy Wears, we are proud to stock Le Bon Shoppe - a brand embodying our commitment to offering apparel that seamlessly blends style, comfort, and quality.

Approximate Measurements: 

Small: Chest 24”, Length 21”

Medium: Chest 25”, Length 21 1/2”

Large: Chest 26”, Length 22”

Model is 5' 6", 110 lbs and wearing a size small

Colour: Cream

Material: The raw cotton is farmed in India and the cotton yarns are milled in South Korea. Fabric is manufactured in South Korea.

Dimensions: Please see product description for detail

Care: Due to the nature of pigment dye, loose pigments may remain on the surface of the garments. -Do not spot clean -Washing these garments only with like colors and in cold water -Hang dry or tumble dry low temperature

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