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Konges Sløjd Lime Stone Muslin Cloths

Konges Sløjd Lime Stone Muslin Cloths

Konges Sløjd

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Our 3-pack muslin cloths are perfectly handy for several purposes; when nursing, eating or sleeping
The colours are much more forgiving than a standard bleached white, with soft and absorbent material you'll always want to keep one of these handy to use - because you never really know when it will come, you just know it will. 

Konges Sløjd, established in 2014 by Emilie Konge Breindal, is a Copenhagen-based brand known for its creative children's products.

Celebrating the "wild, varied, and perfectly imperfect life with children" and aiming to provide thoughtful and quality-conscious designs. Their offerings reflect a unique signature of prints and colour palettes blended with imaginative and humorous aesthetics.
Here at Cissy Wears we love their focus on sustainable and how they strive to focus on a lighter ecological footprint. Each product being designed to be durable as it is environmentally friendly.

The current range includes 100% organic baby accessories produced sustainably with high-quality, environmentally-friendly materials. All their items are organic and GOTS certified, showcasing their commitment to sustainability and quality

Material: Made in 100% organic cotton

Dimensions: 65 cm x 65 cm

Care: Washable at 40 degrees C

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