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Sideline Natural Flecked Denim Lola jacket

Sideline Natural Flecked Denim Lola jacket


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The Lola Jacket is made from 100% organic cotton denim, the lining of this style is a cotton linen check adding to the beautiful details. This style is hand-quilted with a light fill between the outer layer and lining. This jacket is perfect all year round, it’s a very versatile style and goes with pretty much everything.

If you ask Ellen Brookes, the founder and designer at SIDELINE, what their main core values are she will enthusiastically reply "Thoughtful design and subtle, understated detail"

A clear stance against throw away fashion the products from SIDELINE are made with the same care they are designed with. SIDELINE prides itself on practices that are sustainable and prioritises ethical manufacturing, working conditions and living wages.
All the items from the entire SIDELINE range are designed by founder Ellen Brookes at the studio on England's south cost.

Here at Cissy Wears we love the ethos behind the brand and the work that goes into making each piece a long lasting and inspiring part of the collection is something we really support.

Colour: beige

Material: 100% cotton

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