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P Denim (formerly Pippins Denim) started from a love for denim and a passion for sustainability. Their jeans were originally made from vintage denim waste and as the business has grown they now use new conscious denim from the greenest denim mill in the world. The denim is designed to be comfortable, hardwearing, and made to last. They like to do things simple and do them well and you will find the perfect staples that actually get better with every wear! They believe in their denim so much that they offer free life time repairs.

Founder Kaye has always been in love with fashion and is self taught when it comes to sewing. Her lightbulb moment came after working many years in the vintage clothing industry and discovered that good quality denim was going to landfill. This combined with a lack of comfortable and hardwearing denim clothing available for her children, the brand was born.

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