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Leopard Woollen Gilet

Leopard Woollen Gilet

We Are Wovens

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Introducing the We Are Wovens Wool Bodywarmer, a cozy and stylish companion for your outdoor excursions. Crafted with premium quality wool, this bodywarmer provides exceptional warmth and comfort, ensuring you stay snug in chilly weather conditions.

Thoughtfully designed for both functionality and fashion, the sleeveless design offers freedom of movement during various activities. The soft, plush wool fabric provides insulation without adding bulk, making it perfect for layering over sweaters or under jackets for extra warmth.

Featuring trendy wooden buttons and convenient pockets, this bodywarmer offers versatility whether you're exploring the great outdoors or enjoying a leisurely stroll in the park. Available in a variety of soft colors and sizes, the We Are Wovens Wool Bodywarmer is destined to become a favorite wardrobe staple for seasons to come.

Notable features of this product include:

  • The merino wool construction that reacts to changing environmental temperatures, providing insulation in the cold and preventing overheating in warmth. It also absorbs moisture to keep you dry, making it suitable for all seasons.
  • Anti-dust properties and the ability to neutralize harmful ions, promoting comfort and well-being during wear.
  • Adorned with teddy-like merino fabric that feels soft and cuddly.
  • Premium-quality, 100% pure merino wool washed with organic detergents, ensuring both quality and environmental friendliness.
  • Handmade construction guarantees a natural, skin-friendly, warm, breathable, and extremely comfortable garment.

While wool may occasionally cause slight itchiness and carry a natural scent, these characteristics diminish over time. Additionally, rest assured that we regularly restock our inventory. If your desired size is currently unavailable, simply sign up for notifications, and we'll ensure it's promptly ordered for you. Embrace the chilly weather with confidence, wrapped in the warmth and style of We Are Wovens.

Colour: brown

Material: ✓ Ecologically washed wool 🐑 100% wool ✓ Mulesing free

Dimensions: S: Length is 63 cm, circumference - 96 cm (falls like a size 34-36) M: Length is 65 cm, circumference 104 cm (falls like a size 36-38) L: Length is 70 cm, circumference 112 cm (falls like a size 38-40) XL: Length is 72 cm, circumference - 124 cm (falls like a size 42 - 44)

Care: How do you wash your wool: Preferably not, of course. Wool is self-cleaning and not washing but hanging outside for a while is our preference. Anyway, kids get dirty. Then it's best to hand wash this body warmer. Do not spin or dry in the dryer. However, we find it better to hand wash it at 30 degrees to make sure no washing machine will damage the products. Soak in warm water with wool detergent and dry flat.

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