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Kids Concept Car Track

Kids Concept Car Track

Kids Concept

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Three layer car track designed with clever structure. The layers are closely connected with each other to ensure the smooth sliding process when they're released from the top. The 3 cars will race all the way down. Allow toodlers to fully enjoy the race while learning through playing and promote hand-eye coordination, thinking skills and attention. Develop communication skills and encourages cooperation when taking turns to play their own race cars on the toddler race track. 3 cars includes.

Please read the safety instructions on the packaging. Remove the wrapping and packaging before giving the product to a child. Retain the information and the address for future reference. If the packaging consists of several different materials, make sure you separate them. Sort the respective materials in accordance with the recommendations that apply in your area. Check regularly that any screws are tight and all parts intact. Do not use the product if any parts are damaged or missing.

Colour: grey

Material: Car track: Linden plywood. Cars: Birch. Axle: Aluminum. Water based paint

Dimensions: Product Dimensions cm (LxWxH in cm): 31 x 8 x 29 Other Dimensions: Cars: 3x4 cm

Care: Clean with a damp cloth. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

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