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tinycottons Tiny Poodle One Piece

tinycottons Tiny Poodle One Piece

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We wish the pictures better displayed how soft this gorgeous Prima Cotton and elastane blend is. The tinycottons Poodle one piece is a comfortable and really usable every day garment that will last.
Featuring rib trim and snap fasteners for ease. The beret wearing poodle print all over will bring a smile to your face as much as the quality will. 

Tinycottons has existed for over 10 years now and firmly established themselves in the space as a brand that wants to be bold, wants to be remembered and doesn't compromise on the fun and sense of adventure to get there.

Based in the cosmopolitan heart of Barcelona they are a kids brand run with an adult mind. Sustainable approaches, ethical and mindful supply chains and products that last.

With only a select number of retailers world wide we are proud to be a tinycottons stockist and are pleased they get such an excellent reception from our customers.

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