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P Denim Indigo Chore Jacket

P Denim Indigo Chore Jacket

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A simple denim jacket with press studs down the front and pockets. Simple doesn't have to mean less though and this is a jacket with style in abundance. It's going to look better with every wear and although it doesn't need to be paired with anything in particular we think it'd look fabulous with some of the other P Denim offerings #doubledenim

P Denim is all about denim and sustainability. All P Denim clothing is designed to be comfortable and made to last. They styles are purposefully simple and hard wearing, a life time repair guarantee is their way of showing you the confidence they have in each product that bears the P Denim name.

All the denim is consciously sourced, woven in Italy by Canadian Denim using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Although originally made entirely in house P Denim has now expanded to a small family run factory in London, UK and pride themselves on constantly improving the products, their efficiency and reducing waste.
In a world where sustainability should always be the goal P Denim is a brand that stands out as really leading the way.

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