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Mini Teddy Hot Water Bottle

Mini Teddy Hot Water Bottle

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Our super-snug mini teddy hot water bottle

Key Features:

- Soothes & warms for up to 4 hours

- Great for children and targeting specific aches and pains

- A perfect companion for a good night's sleep

- 0.5-litre nature rubber bottle included

- Cover handmade in the UK Our roll-neck, "teddy-like" hot water bottle cover is made from ocean-bound plastic bottles

- you won't believe it when you feel it, it's incredibly snug. All of our covers are lined with natural cotton and filled with bamboo utilising natural warming technology.

Cover material: 100% recycled polyester and plastic.

Oeko-Tex Standard & Higg Index

Material: 100% recycled polyester and plastic

Dimensions: 0.5l

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