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Hvid Chocolate Dolly Bonnet

Hvid Chocolate Dolly Bonnet

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An all season bonnet made in 100% extra fine Italian merino wool.

The knitting process is done with a 3D machine which means no seams, and the rib in the front makes it a perfect fit for your little one.

Approximate sizing:
S: 1- 3 months
M: 4- 12 months
L: 12- 24 months

Made in Belgium

Washing instructions: It's not necessary to wash merino wool frequently. This fibre is self cleaning. It's perfect to just air outside. Otherwise wash it very gently by hand with lukewarm water of 30°. Use a wool detergent to wash. Machine wash only on a special wool program 30°, low speed, at one's own risk as we cannot guarantee the individual program settings on individual washing machines.

Merino wool is well known for being super soft and is especially kind to those with skin that might find other materials less gentle.

Material: 100% merino wool

Care: Handwash in lukewarm water at 30°

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