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Le Bon Shoppe Cobalt Blue Her Socks

Le Bon Shoppe Cobalt Blue Her Socks

Le Bon Shoppe

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Le Bon Shoppe's original sock, the trailblazer that laid the foundation for their legacy, fills the void we never knew existed. It's the kind of sock that might just make you reconsider your entire sock collection. With its timeless ribbed design, ideal height, and a breathable cotton blend yarn available in a stunning array of colors, this sock stands out.

Versatile enough to complement any footwear – be it sandals, sneakers, mules, clogs, or boots – she is your ultimate go-to sock. The perfect height and crafted with a classic knit rib, these socks redefine comfort and style.

Our love for Le Bon Shoppe socks is rooted in a mutual understanding of the importance of top-notch socks in our everyday routines! We can confidently say that Le Bon Shoppe is on track to become your go-to accessories brand, inspiring you to reserve an entire drawer exclusively for their outstanding sock collection.

The name "Le Bon Shoppe" translates to 'The Good Shop,' and this name aligns perfectly with its mission. Le Bon Shoppe aims to be a go-to hub for exceptional products that not only elevate your appearance but also contribute to a positive feel good experience.

Colour: blue

Material: mercerised cotton

Dimensions: Due to socks' personal nature and to keep the highest standard of cleanliness, we do not accept returns or exchanges on socks. It is very important to us that each customer always receives a pair of brand new socks!

Care: machine washable with care

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