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Le Bon Shoppe Baby Blue Swing Socks

Le Bon Shoppe Baby Blue Swing Socks

Le Bon Shoppe

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Introducing the Swing Socks, the latest addition to our sock lineup! Embodying the same cozy feel as our beloved Girlfriend Socks, these shorter versions bring a fresh twist to your wardrobe. With a thicker ribbed leg that exudes a bubbly, cushioned texture, they maintain a timeless crew length for versatility. Our passion for Le Bon Shoppe socks stems from a shared understanding of how essential premium socks are in our daily lives. Trust us, Le Bon Shoppe is poised to become your ultimate destination for accessories, tempting you to dedicate an entire drawer to their exceptional socks. True to its name, Le Bon Shoppe is your ticket to goodness, offering a curated selection of products crafted to elevate your style and enhance your overall experience with their feel-good factor.

Colour: blue

Material: 85 Cotton 13 Polyester 2 Spdx

Dimensions: One size fits most (US women's size 6-10)

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